MISSION FOCUS - Courage Through Commitment

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MISSION FOCUS - Courage Through Commitment


A one day corporate team building and leadership development adventure workshop focussing on strategies for communication and construction of clear goals, as well as the development of a Special Forces level of resilience to see these goals through.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Improved team productivity through increased dedication, resilience and collective effort

  • Development and practice of effective strategies to create and communicate meaningful targets and objectives

Programme Outline

  • Full day programme

  • Theory and strategy session

  • Open discussion forum between participants and former Special Forces operators

  • Coordinated experiential adventure learning activity designed to focus on specific developmental outcomes

  • Thorough debrief to consolidate learning and enhance skills transfer to the workplace


$599 per person (lunch included)


Without specific and relevant goals, team members can waste time on unimportant tasks and teams can become disoriented. This uncoordinated effort curbs enthusiasm, creates frustration and dramatically impedes productivity.

The Mission Focus programme promotes the development of the attributes that enable members of elite military units to push beyond normal mental and physical limitations to achieve their goal. The programme teaches the importance of creating meaningful objectives and encourages the discipline required to remain dedicated to their successful outcome.

Participants will also discover that they have a reserve of strength that they can draw upon to enable them to go the extra mile and achieve the extraordinary.