BATTLE READY - Performance Under Pressure

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BATTLE READY - Performance Under Pressure


A one day corporate team building and leadership development adventure workshop focussing on the ability to make clear and effective decisions under pressure using combat proven Special Forces strategies.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Improved clarity in the face of adversity leading to more effective rational decision making

  • Enhanced performance through the development and practice of strategies that reduce the negative effects of pressure

Programme Outline

  • Full day programme

  • Theory and strategy session

  • Open discussion forum between participants and former Special Forces operators

  • Coordinated experiential adventure learning activity designed to focus on specific developmental outcomes

  • Thorough debrief to consolidate learning and enhance skills transfer to the workplace


$599 per person (lunch included)


When under intense pressure, our mental faculties and precise motor function can be detrimentally affected, making it very difficult to perform at our best. To face these moments ill-prepared and without a plan is to guarantee suboptimal performance.

The Battle Ready programme teaches the psychological strategies that allow Special Forces operators to remain calm and act decisively whilst under heavy enemy fire. The programme provides a high-octane environment in which these strategies can be practised.

Upon completion, participants will be better equipped to remain clear and focused when faced with adversity. Participants will have the confidence to perform their best when confronted with their next high-pressure moment.