The 3 Best Places for Cliff Camping That Thrill- Seekers Should Try At Least Once

"Something that every thrill seeker must try at least once in their life." Cool to be listed as one the 3 best places in the world for cliff camping in this article by Elite Daily!

Holiday ideas for thrill seekers

Great to have the Australian Financial Review BOSS magazine list our Beyond the Edge Cliff Camping amongst these other top adventure experiences from around the world. Check out the article and get ready for your next adventure holiday!

How to Navigate (Without Your Mobile Phone)

Your mobile phone may be awesome if you want to avoid the current traffic, take the fastest route by car, or to check in with your mates at the local café. It can be near on useless, however, if you’re planning a route through remote wilderness over rugged terrain by foot.

Victorian glamping and unusual accommodation you've never heard of

"Capture the ultimate selfie that will put everyone else's Facebook profile pics to shame" - our Beyond the Edge cliff camping experience is featured in today's Herald Sun.