Force Multiplier Programmes

Unleashed-Unlimited Force Multiplier is our flagship suite of corporate team building and leadership development programmes. These action-packed programmes are totally unprecedented in the breadth and calibre of the adventure activities that they include. The programmes incorporate the use of high-end assets such as helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, and take advantage of some of our most stunning natural landscapes and urban environments. These are the ultimate in enthralling adventure programmes and are an experience like no other.

In military parlance, a force multiplier is an added capability that boosts performance and increases the probability of success.

With both single and multiple day options, all programmes are centred around scenario-based missions that involve confronting a series of intense mental and physical challenges. The missions have been carefully designed to create a flowing sequence of activities that maximize engagement and optimize skills transfer. Force Multiplier programmes will greatly increase the capability of your corporate team and give your organization the edge over the competition.

Choose from our range of single and multiple day programmes, or contact us to customize an experience for your team.