Strength in Unity - Teamwork and Leadership

Learning Outcomes

  • Development of dynamic and inspirational leaders and team members
  • Increased engagment and productivity through improved team cohesion and camaraderie

Program Outline

  • Full day program
  • Theory and strategy session
  • Open discussion forum between participants and former Special Forces operators
  • Coordinated experiential adventure learning activity designed to focus on specific developmental outcomes
  • Thorough debrief to consolidate learning and enhance skills transfer to the workplace


$599 per person (lunch included)


Teams are formed with the intention that the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts. However, this outcome is rarely achieved without the creation and continued fostering of a team culture that optimises individual contribution through cooperative and productive intra-team relationships.

The Strength in Unity program teaches participants teamwork and leadership strategies used by Special Forces teams to maintain cohesion, camaraderie and efficacy, even under the most adverse of conditions.

Upon completion, your team will be invigorated and thirsting for challenge with improved levels of accountability and commitment to goals. Participants will achieve a higher degree of interdependence and mutual respect and will have a stronger sense of team above self.